runners are locally provided assistants. on this tour, we hire 3 local runners. they generally use their own vehicle or a rented van (depending on the needs), and must to know the area well.  they are used to shop for hospitality items, transport people to and from hotels, and run general errands from the start of the day to the end. it makes for a smooth day to have good runners that are experienced and know the routine. no autograph hounds, fans of the act, generally slow, or crazies please.

val air ballroom – des moines

rolled into the venue at 8 am this morning. this is certainly our most challenging show…small venue, small stage, very little backstage working space and so on. runners (which i’ll touch on later) were suppose to be onsite at 8 am, venue scheduled for 10 am. we are using some of the house sound system due to time and space constraints. it’s not working properly and the the venue does not have anyone knowledgeable onsite. thanks to a patient crew, we’ll get through the day…we just may never return.

where do i find my dressing room?

kristen is the master of signs. we pretend we cant find our bunks on the bus w/o signs to get there. that’s a joke of course (at her expense). most of these venues are a series of mazes. we post signs so all can find their way around…to dressing rooms, to stage, to catering room, etc.

shower today

we were suppose to have a hotel room for showers today, but after going there was told no. only to be told later yes. argh…

venue has shower in backstage restroom, same one 30 crew members are using, and no lock on the door. doesn’t look like it’s been used in a while.

the rigging begins

a rigger handles affixing the chains, ropes, cables, etc…to ‘fly’ the sound & lighting systems for a concert. they need to be able to climb and certainly cannot have a fear of heights. in our case today we are hanging 14 points, using 2 up riggers and 1 down rigger. the up riggers climb and the down rigger assists their needs from the ground.